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Dates of General Chapters 2015


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Film Conviction on three Dominican Sisters
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 12:06
USA - Film on Dominican Sisters: The documentary film Conviction tells the story of three Dominican Sisters who took the proliferation of nuclear arms in the country personally. These women saw it as their duty, their mission, their religious calling, to break into a missile silo in Colorado, chant, pour their own blood and get jailed for their beliefs. For these sisters, bringing attention to the atrocities of nuclear weapons was a sacred act; for the government it was something much different. The women trespassed on federal property. They made a mockery of our national defense. They broke the law. The religious right labeled them fanatics, the left called them Joans of Arc, and the justice system convicted them of sabotage. Conviction delves head on into all of these contradictions and explores a system that would have three nuns marked as terrorists.

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