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Fanjeaux Newsletter N° 15
Friday, 14 November 2014 11:52
Dominican vocabulary - historical reflections
As the 7th November approaches - the date recently designated as one of celebration of and for the Dominican family - it may be helpful to see how the different branches of our family tree were referred to in past centuries. Most of us grew up with the 1, 2, 3 approach, that is to say: 1 = friars, 2 = enclosed nuns and 3 = apostolic sisters and laity. This scheme of things was however not in use before the 19th century, so in an Order as old and venerable as ours, this approach could justifiably be described as a recent invention… and hence due for revision. Attempts have been made, but these old categories still linger on. Nuns are still regularly referred to as “Second Order”...
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In the Loop Nov. 2014
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 08:10
From the Dominican Sisters Conference Executive Director
“Loving Autumn Leaves!!!!
 Though this is certainly not my first experience of Autumn in the Midwest, it is certainly a very special experience this year to have a beautiful maple tree right outside my bedroom window! The streets of River
Forest are lined with a delightful variety of trees that let go of their leaves with a colorful flourish…”
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NEWS FLASH - Still No news of our Sisters in Burkina Faso
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 15:27

We are still unable to make contact with our Sisters in Burkina Faso since the social and political unrest that started on October 30. The Sisters of Charity of the Presentation (better known as the Sisters of the Presentation), the only Dominican Congregation of Sisters of Apostolic life in the country has two sizeable communities there and several are native to Burkina Faso.  We ask for your prayers for the safety of the sisters and for some resolution of this turbulence that seems to have engulfed the country. 
Mean while, more information is emerging concerning the Sisters of the Presentation in Iraq of whom we have heard little since Isis’ attacks in Iraq. While their main communities are in Bagdad and its environs where the disturbances are not heightened, the Sisters were also in Dohuk , northern Iraq. They and many Iraqi people who resided there are now seeking refuge in Amman, Jordon. We hope to have more news in the coming week with regards to some of what they have had to endure and how best we could be of assistance to them.
Thank You From Sr. Mary Hanna - Iraq
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 14:38
Thank you once again for the supported which you have given to our Sisters in Iraq. Because of you they have been able to realise the well needed projects mentioned in Sr. Marie Hanna’s report herewith attached.   We are all fortunate to have had this opportunity to share of our table so that our Sisters in Iraq could share of their table with others. Heartfelt gratitude and glory to God!
"Dear all,
First of all, let me express my deep gratitude to each one of you along with our prayers. Your contribution during this time of catastrophe is very much appreciated, and it is, indeed, priceless. I would like to inform you that we have spent some of the money you sent for paving a piece of land, at the yard of our convent in Ankawa/Erbil...
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DSE-CE Workshops on Dominican Spirituality
Friday, 31 October 2014 09:21
The idea of the workshops sprung from a concrete need within the DSE-CE region. Due to the communist regime in our countries, the Dominican communities were either dispersed or suppressed, experiencing a 40 year gap in our religious life. After the political transition, we restarted community life, but realised we had been lacking knowledge and material on Dominican spirituality.
With the help of DSI, the first workshop was held in Köszeg, Hungary, in 2001, with the participation of about 50 young sisters from three congregations (Slovakian, Czech, Hungarian). Having established itself as a tradition, the workshop has been organised every two or three years ever since, and it has also opened up to sisters coming from the other regions of Europe. The original three congregations have been taking turns in organising it, and the keynote speaker Dominican brothers and sisters have been invited from all over the world. It is an enriching experience to meet and study together, both in the spiritual sense, and in terms of strengthening bonds within the Dominican Family, as well as shaping our Dominican identity as apostolic sisters.
Friday, 31 October 2014 11:12

Dominican Sisters Europe would like to share with all of you the activities for the next year 2015.

Düsseldorf 2015 is fixed on the first weekend of January 2015. Arrival at Angermund (Düsseldorf, Germany) in the morning - if possible! - Friday the 2nd, departure Sunday the 4th after lunch. This is an invitation addressed to younger Dominican Sisters in Europe (finally or temporarily professed). The working languages will be both English and French. The theme for the weekend will be announced end of October, but it is important already now to register possible participants. Please make this event known, and send me the names of ‘candidates’ – preferably before the 22 Oct 2014. Contact: e.b.nilsen@mf.no
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