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23 August 2014: Updates from the Dominican Sisters in Iraq
Monday, 25 August 2014 13:11
Dear all,
We continue to share our daily struggle with you, hoping that our cry will reach the world. We are like the blind man of Jericho (Mark 10: 46-52), who had nothing to express himself, but his voice, asking Jesus for mercy. Although some people ignored his voice, others listened, and helped him. We count on people, who will listen!
We entered the third week of displacement. Things are moving very slowly in terms of providing shelter, food, and necessities for the people. There are still people living in the streets. There are still no organized camps outside of schools that are used as refugee centres. An unfinished, three story building has also been used as a refugee centre. For privacy reasons, families have made rooms using UNHCR plastic sheets in these unfinished buildings. These places look like stables. We all wonder, is there any end in sight? We appreciate all efforts that have been made to provide aid to the displaced people. However, please note, that providing food and shelter is not the only essential thing we need. Our case is much bigger. We are speaking about two minorities (Christian and Yezedians), who lost their land, their homes, their belongings, their jobs, their money, some have been separated from their families and loved ones, and all are persecuted because of their religion.
Fanjeaux new brochures for 2015
Monday, 25 August 2014 12:47

Many of you know Sister Jeanne Goyette, OP and Sister Mary O'Driscoll, OP for their wonderful Dominican Retreats. NEW brochures are ready for 2015.
More information here: icon Fanjeaux New brochures 1 for 2015
The Joint Conference of the Justice, Peace and Care of Creation (JPCC) - Asia Pacific Region and the Journées Romaines Dominicaines (JRD), Surabaya, Indonesia, 2014.
Friday, 22 August 2014 08:47

Travelling from all over the world, almost 100 Dominican brothers, sisters and laity gathered in Surabaya, Indonesia, from August 11-16, 2014. One group of Dominicans was there for the JRD, another was there for the JPCC, even if their own theme for the meeting was also interreligious dialogue. (Which of the two groups are you referring to as also having interreligious dialogue as its theme?)

Primarily, the encounter was centred on a common theme of Dialogue as a Way of Preaching. This was further broken down into three major sub-themes: "Fundamentalism and violence as realities of our world"; "The Word and the words of Dialogue" and "Dialogue as bridge-building towards peace". There were presentations, responses, group work and plenary discussions, held jointly and separately between the JPCC and the JRD.

17 August 2014: Update about Dominican Sisters in Iraq
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 08:12

Dear all,

After eleven days, it feels like we are on the same day we left. Some people are still in the streets, others are still in the parks, and some take refuge in schools. People are desperate to find a place to stay; even construction sites, unfinished buildings, private event halls, and basements are inhabited. A lot of people are living in unfurnished apartments, and homes, with sinfully high prices. People in the houses are sleeping on the floor, because they cannot afford to buy furniture. Some were fortunate to find a place to stay with relatives, in houses overloaded with people. On top of everything, refugees are running out of money, as they cannot withdraw money from banks, neither can they find jobs to earn money.

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