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The Working Group for Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD)
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 08:20
The General Council of the Order has approved the Working Group and Liaison Persons for Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Order.
After the conference on dialogue at Indonesia last August, the Working Group was set up to promote inter-religious dialogue in the Order. To assist the Working Group, liaison persons were chosen from each region. In addition to the Journées Romaines Dominicaines (JRD) conference which is held every four years, this group will take the promotion of inter-religious dialogue in the Dominican family a step further.
The members of the group are:
Sr Marie Therese Clement, OP – Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters International.
fr Martin Ganeri, OP – Province of England
fr Darren Dias, OP – Province of Canada
fr Jean Druel, OP – Province of France
fr Robini Marianto, OP – Province of Philippines
fr Prakash Lohale, OP – Province of India
fr Michael Mascari, OP – Socius of the Master for Studies
Adrian Gathering Burnishes Both Sides of the Coin
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 07:56
Assembled for their 17th Annual National Gathering, DIA artists enjoyed ideal accommodations and hospitality in the Weber Center where they explored together “Art & Spirituality: Two Sides of the Same Coin.” When introduced in the winter issue of OPalette, Keynoter Fran Belmonte had specified what she hoped to achieve: “It will not come from me. I hope only to lead the DIA artists into a deeper experience of their own power through the arts.” This objective was abundantly accomplished as Fran dropped inspirational “prompts” into the collective consciousness of her audience and then invited them to share their own experiences of the artistic process.
Read the complete article on this magazine:
You can also find more information here: http://www.diartsop.org
From the Dominican Sisters Conference Executive Director
Friday, 17 October 2014 08:21
After a second trip to San Antonio, I can certainly say that Texas is a warm and welcoming place! Twice now, the Dominican Sisters have enjoyed the hospitality of both the Oblate Center and the Drury Inn in San Antonio. We have been most pleased with the experiences! The gathering of Elected Leadership was filled with good energy. The presentation of four of the sisters who had attended Dominican Women Afire provided for stimulating conversation, and gave everyone great hope for the future of the Dominican Sisters. We all look forward with great anticipation to future developments, and are grateful for the participation of the GHR Foundation in this adventure.
Read more here: icon In the Loop
An Alleluia in the making
Thursday, 16 October 2014 12:43
If we look for the paths that God is already laying out for us, a new awareness, a new vitality, and a new sense of challenge and adventure will come into our hearts. We need to be ready to follow Christ wherever he goes, for Christ has a way of going into unexpected places. He often directs us toward an end that we don’t yet perceive, but that is just around the corner.
- Catherine de Hueck Doherty, Living the Gospel without Compromise
The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, the Dominican Nuns of Elmira, and the Dominican Friars of the Central Province have been called by God into an unfolding mystery for the sake of the Gospel. For the Dominican Sisters, this alluring call began in February, 2012, when Sisters Miriam Scheel and Anna Marie Pierre traveled from their Dominican monastery in Elmira, New York to the Dominican Motherhouse in Springfield, Illinois.
Moving Nuns to Sacred Heart Convent
Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:53
Throughout this past summer four groups of Springfield Dominicans helped the Dominican Nuns of Elmira, NY prepare for their move to Springfield. In much the same way as when Mary visited Elizabeth in Luke’s Gospel, God’s Spirit stirred powerfully and joyfully in these blessed encounters.
Team Members from Dominican Sisters International
Monday, 13 October 2014 13:26
International Visit Sparkill
On October 9th, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill enjoyed a visit from two representatives of Dominican Sisters International (DSI). DSI, based in Rome, aims to facilitate networking and collaboration between Dominican congregations around the world, to promote women preachers, and to foster a more compassionate world order by promoting peace, justice, integrity of creation, and human rights. Sr. Marie Therese Clement, International Coordinator for DSI, and Sr. Celestina Veloso, International Promoter of Peace & Justice, two integral members of the DSI organization, joined us for Mass and enjoyed lunch with the Sparkill community. They were accompanied by Sr. Rose Marie Riley, a Dominican Sister of Springfield, IL, who is the DSI Continental Coordinator for North America.
“Making Missionary Disciples in the 21st Century”
Monday, 13 October 2014 12:44
Workshop for European Novice-Mistresses in Rome Sept 2014
More than twenty sisters from 11 different countries participated: Italy, France, Norway, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland and Czech Republic where gathered in Rome Sept 25-29. The theme was “Making Missionary Disciples in the 21st Century”.
Fr Vivian Boland, in his capacity as responsible for initial formation in the Order,felicitated DSI-Europe with the initiative saying that “the Friars need a meeting like this - there has not been one for the whole of Europe, only certain regions”. He also shared with us the formation tradition in the Order from its early beginnings to the present. Fr Vivian was one of the workshop’s two moderators.
Sr. Marie Therese Clement OP, visits Dominican Sisters of Peace
Thursday, 09 October 2014 07:06


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