Keeping Faith with the Preachers

Sister Barbara Beaumont, O.P. in Fanjeaux, France has recently had her book published, Keeping Faith with the Preachers: Pages from the History of Dominican Sisters.

The book is “a collection of talks and conferences about the history of Dominican women given in various locations in recent years (USA, France, Belgium…).”

Introduction 1
The Coming of the Preachers 3
Historiography and Mythology 25
The Study of History in the Transmission of Dominican Values 39
Spiritual Values and Survival 59
Safeguarding the Tradition 77
Retrieving the Tradition 93
French Nuns in Belgian Exile 105
Reflections on Dominican Spirituality 125
The price is 10 euro ($11.33) and can be purchased online via PayPal (request instructions via email).
Book can be ordered online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..