DSI International Assembly 2016


Rome, Thursday April 28, – Thursday May 5, 2016



Since the start of DSI in 1995, many Congregations of Sisters have benefited from the mutual sharing and support that the Movement has inspired and promoted among Dominicans throughout the world.   Now that we celebrate our 20th anniversary  of collaborative  preaching by approximately 24,600 Sisters belonging to 150 Dominican Religious Congregations present in 109 countries, our commitment to mutually support one another in our diverse preaching ministries especially those on the margins of society with the poor (education, healthcare, social services, etc.) now seems, more ambitious and focused.  As one family, we assume our place in preaching “Truth” and compassion at discussion tables, in organizations (local, regional and international), through publications, mass media and in grass-roots communities while creating greater awareness of our responsibility to care for the environment and work with, and on behalf of the most vulnerable.  DSI does this through partnership initiatives with other entities (Dominican Volunteers International (DVI, Dominican Leadership Conference – UNNGO, etc.) and projects of our Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation Office.

We hope that you shall be inspired by our missionary activities shared on this website and join us in preaching the Gospel.